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Our story

Kahoko brings you timeless, handmade, heirloom quality textile pieces. Working from a cross cultural, cross knowledge collaboration with makers from the Rift Valley, Kenya. Combining traditional techniques with contemporary designs, we work as a socially and environmentally committed business. Proceeds from our products are injected directly into the maker's community. All materials used to create our products from dying to weaving are 100% natural and locally sourced. Our commitment to developing a product that is built on a circular economy model is a large part of our company ethos, with constant research and learning being applied to the way we do business.
You can find Kahoko on the floors of hotels, studios and retail stores through our bespoke commercial projects as well as on the floors of homes in places as far flung as Stockholm, Shanghai and New Zealand. Our artist collaborations are found gracing the walls of collectors around the world.